1. Imagine your ideal candidate

Get a really clear idea of who your ideal candidate is and then write the advert copy with them in mind. What is your ideal candidate looking for in this role? A new challenge, skills development, a first step on the ladder or a career defining opportunity? What experience or skills do you envisage them bringing to the team?

2. Open with a hook

Use a question to grab the attention of the reader.

Do you have the drive to develop one of the UK's most forward thinking visual arts institutions?

Or start with an exciting opportunity for the right candidate:

This is an exciting time to join us as we enter the final stages of our capital fundraising campaign to move to our state of the art new premises. 

Photo by  Joe Hu  on  Unsplash

Photo by Joe Hu on Unsplash

3. Short is good

The aim of the advert should be for the reader to immediately be able to picture themselves doing the job. After reading the copy, they should want to click through to discover the finer details in the job description and person specification.

You should consider:

  • Your opening line
  • Short paragraph about your organisation – what is its USP?
  • Statement outlining the opportunity, the highlights of the role and the wider team
  • Statement about what you’re looking for in the successful candidate
  • Diversity statement
  • The details – where to get more information (provide a variety of options: web, email and phone), application deadline and interview date

Bullet points are a quick and easy way for a reader to ascertain whether this role is for them and whether they have what it takes.

4. Make it different

On average, a candidate spends 49 seconds reading a job advert before dismissing it as a poor fit. (Source: TheLadders.net survey)

Use imagery and video to engage the reader and provide a further level of information about your organisation. Providing  visual impact can make the difference between people swiping on to the next opportunity and clicking to find out more about yours. Click on the ad below to have a look: 

5. Last step

At end of the writing process, re-read your copy and ask yourself if your ideal candidate would be excited to imagine themselves doing the job. Do a pre-mortem. Read your copy as if it has failed to attract the right candidate and then work out what in the copy could potentially lead to a failure to recruit. What have you missed out? What have you not emphasised enough? Have you put the wrong phone number on? (we’ve all done it…)

For further information or advice, please get in touch with barbie@artsjobsonline.com.

'Passion Led Us Here' Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash