What are the benefits of Membership?

It’s a partnership
Working with you on an ongoing basis enables us to better understand your recruitment advertising needs.

It’s cheaper
Membership attracts a discount of up to 50% on our standard and premium services. 

It’s more efficient  
The annual membership fee enables us to put your spend where you need it most over the course of the year, upgrading roles to the premium service based on need.

It’s predictable
We’ll agree one cost for the year based on your previous year’s requirements and your prediction for the year ahead.

It’s easier
Working across all your vacancies means we get to know you quickly and can understand how to work with you in the way that suits you best. 

It’s profile-raising
We work with you to develop an image bank (and where possible video too) so we can showcase your organisation as an engaging and dynamic place to work.

It’s proactive
We monitor roles to make sure they are performing well and use social media to promote your vacancies right up to the deadline. 

It’s evolving
Working together will help us understand how we can develop our service in the best direction for you over time.

Membership Levels

The following prices will give you an idea of what you might expect to pay for a year’s membership. We will make a bespoke arrangement for you, tailored to meet your organisation’s requirements.


Up to 5 jobs per year


Up to 10 jobs per year


Up to 20 jobs per year


Up to 30 jobs per year


Paid Membership includes the promotion of your all your vacancies for 12 months on our website, email alert and through our social media channels. 

To discuss annual membership, please email barbie@artsjobsonline.com or call on 020 3642 3222.